What are people saying about Hayden?

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"Hayden's capabilities and commitment to making our community even better impressed me two years ago when he played a key role in my successful mayoral campaign. He is very thoughtful and would bring a valuable perspective to deliberations on public education issues."

Bob Woerner, Mayor of Livermore


"Hayden is an active community member with the best interests of students in mind. His perspective as a recent graduate would be a valued addition to our school board."

Brittni Kiick, Livermore City Councilmember

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"Hayden is hard-working, knowledgeable, and dedicated to Livermore. He would bring new ideas and perspectives to the school board. I fully endorse Hayden to be your next school board representative."

Evan Branning, Livermore Planning Commissioner


"At a time when school boards are becoming hyper-politicized and public schools are struggling, we need young and effective advocates for students. Hayden will be that advocate on the Livermore school board."

Ewan Barker Plummer, San Francisco Youth Commissioner

"Wise beyond his years and extremely well-read, Hayden will bring a breath of fresh air on the school board. He has an amazing and rare ability to stay calm and composed, and act thoughtfully and dignifiedly, even during the most trying circumstances. Hayden's presence on the school board will, among other things, foster beneficial collaborations between the LVJUSD and the city's public libraries to enable inclusive access to learning opportunities for Livermore's extremely diverse community."

Mini Chopra, Livermore Library Trustee

"Hayden offers a fresh, informed perspective based on his experience in the Livermore Schools. This makes him an ideal advocate for current students and their parents. He has firsthand knowledge of issues impacting current students, as evidenced by his thoughtful platform. In addition, he understands district processes, and is motivated to implement new strategies that benefit students as soon as possible."

Susan Hayes, Pleasanton Human Services Commissioner