Elect a trustee with your priorities.

As a recent graduate of Livermore's public schools, Hayden has a unique firsthand experience in the classroom that gives him an in-depth understanding of the issues affecting Livermore's public schools and makes him the best person to address these issues with effective solutions.

Expand mental health support

  • My top budgetary priority will be to increase funding for mental health services and launch programs for students who do not have access to mental health services.

  • I will work with schools to create designated safe spaces for students to de-stress, meditate, and have their mental health needs addressed.

  • I will work with district staff to create new ways for students to discover all the mental health opportunities available to them, including a widespread promotion of the new 988 hotline.

Collaborate with other entities

  • I will work with other local and state educational bodies to create pathways to success for LVJUSD students after graduation.

  • I will work with the city council, youth advisory commission, and other bodies to create more opportunities for Livermore students and parents and build more affordable housing so families and teachers can afford to live here.

  • I will work with our police and fire departments to make sure student resource officers are properly trained and update school safety plans in the event of a fire, shooting, bombing, or other tragedy.

Revamp our curriculum

  • As a student, I often used textbooks published more than 15 years ago. I will work with district staff to bring in new textbooks.

  • I will work to provide more representation to marginalized groups in our curriculum, add more world language courses to our high school course catalogs, and promote trade skills and financial literacy as an essential part of our curriculum.

  • I will work with district staff to draw a calendar aligned with other Tri-Valley school districts for the 2023-24 school year and beyond.

Amplify community voices

  • I will work with district staff and other trustees to maximize the power of student trustees and regularly connect with student leadership.

  • I will keep in touch with parent-teacher associations and work to create more parent volunteer opportunities in schools.

  • I will always take a pro-teacher stance by finding common ground on issues that affect teachers and do everything in my power to make every teacher feel supported.

  • I will always maintain an open line of communication with all community members.

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