It's time for fresh ideas on the school board.

As a product of Livermore schools, Hayden has been directly affected by the countless decisions made by Livermore's school board and built strong relationships with teachers and school staff for over 10 years.

Hayden's lifelong dedication to education and student experience makes him a top choice to be a school board trustee.

Join Hayden in his fight to give students a voice on the school board.

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"Hayden is an active community member with the best interests of students in mind. His perspective as a recent graduate would be a valued addition to our school board."

— Brittni Kiick, Livermore City Councilmember

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"Hayden is hard working, knowledgeable, and dedicated to Livermore. He would bring new ideas and perspective to the school board."

— Evan Branning, Livermore Planning Commissioner

Hayden will fight for you as a trustee.

As a school board trustee, Hayden will work hard to amplify student voices, increase parent involvement, and work with others to develop programs to fully enrich our students and keep them safe in our schools. His experience as a Livermore student enables him to identify issues and solutions like no other trustee or candidate can.

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